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Welcome to our Body Waxing services at Sensual Massage and Waxing, where we specialize in providing you with silky smooth skin and a groomed appearance. Our experienced estheticians use a combination of Caronlab hot and strip waxes to ensure professional and effective hair removal results on the entire body.

Our Services:

Full Leg: Achieve smooth and hair-free legs with our full leg waxing service.Price: $50.00
Half Leg: Choose between lower leg (knees to toes, including knees) or upper leg (thighs only, not including knees) for a tailored waxing experience.Price: $30.00
Full Arm: Enjoy beautifully bare arms with our full arm waxing treatment.Price: $30.00
Half Arm: Choose between lower arm (elbow to fingertips) or upper arm (elbow to shoulder) for customized waxing solutions.Price: $20.00
Chest / Back: Remove unwanted hair from the chest or back area for a clean and groomed look.Price: $40.00 (Chest) / $35.00 (Back)

Why Choose Body Waxing with Us:

  • Professional Expertise: Our skilled estheticians are trained to deliver comfortable and efficient waxing services, ensuring minimal discomfort and excellent results.
  • Premium Products: We use a combination of Caronlab hot and strip waxes specifically designed for professional waxing results on the entire body.
  • Customized Experience: Each body waxing session is tailored to your unique preferences and desired look, ensuring you leave with smooth and flawless skin

Wax Tips:

  • Avoid shaving between appointments.
  • Exfoliate before waxing for better results.
  • Do not apply moisturizer before your appointment.
  • Hair that is approximately 3-4mm long is most effective for waxing

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Experience the transformative power of smooth and hair-free skin with our body waxing treatments. Contact us today to book your appointment and discover the difference at Sensual Massage and Waxing.